Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bonneville rained out. Damn.

Damn damn damn.

We have been thrashing for three weeks straight .... living on caffine and little sleep, and we just fired her up for the first time yesterday, got her all tuned and dialed in this morning...... we were ready to hit the salt Tuesday, then I just got the call..... Bonneville is cancelled. Damn !!.
I guess a huge thunderstorm hit last night and dumped enough rain to call the event off.

The Model B is sounding soo good too. We dailed in the boost on the blower, and she sounds real healthy. Blows a beautiful 12 inch blue flame out the header when you let off.... so nice.Well, I guess we'll run her at El Mirage on the 22nd. and look forward to next August.Here are some pics of the motor. Enjoy

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Christian said...

Hi Bobby,

I really like reading about your lakester project, but I can't find any specs on the engine/drivetrain? I can guess a bit from the pictures and bracket letters, but I'm a novice on these things. I'd also love to hear how much time and money you have spend on the project and what your goals are performance-wise?

Best of luck

Christian Rahbek, Denmark