Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bonneville Speedweek 2010. "4 banger carnage"

It was not a good Speedweek for the old Henry Ford 4 cyl. The Banger Gods were not shining their blessings down upon us. We'll not all of us anyway.
The Old Crow took off like a rocket on her first run and hit 165 mph at the first mile, but it appears the stock cast iron bellhousing couldn't take the torque and decided to desecrate instead. We tried to fix it, but the shrapnel took out too many parts. Here's a pic:
Bonneville 2010

The So-What racing team had it worse than us. Also on their very first run, and not even to the 1 mile, this happened:
Bonneville 2010
Bonneville 2010
Yes, that is,.. or was... A Winfield head. Bummer huh?

Speaking if heads,.. The Vaughan Quick & Easy team didn't have much luck keeping their head together either:
Bonneville 2010
Let's hope they brought a spare, I hear the motor is fine.

I also heard that the R2 racing team of Richard Reed has 2 rods hanging out the side of their block, but I couldn't find them to take a picture. Anybody got one?

Well. That's all the news that fit to print.