Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Speed age magazine 1955

I was pretty excited the other day when I got my
January 1955 Speed age magazine in the mail that
I got from Ebay, because on page 34 was an article
for a bellytank that I have never seen before.
Which I might add is rare, since I have been searching out
Tanks for a few years now.


dickman said...

Don O'Reilly was my uncle.
I have bound issues of Speed Age magazine January 1951 thru Motor Survey 1951.
I have bound issues of Speed Age magazine May 1947 thru December 1948.
If anyone has an interest I will entertain offers to sell them.
Rich Howard

Firecrakcer said...

I have Speed Age magazines July 1947 through September 1948. I would be interested in selling. They are in good shape.

Firecrakcer said...

I also have Hot Rod Magazines 1948

Terry Wright said...

Would really like a copy of an article in the third edition called The Birth of the Midgets. Any chance of a scan or how much do you want for the copies?

Terry Wright said...

Now I see it was years ago :)

Stacie McKinnon said...

@dickman will you call me regarding the copyright owner to Speed Age? I'm working on a movie and would love to use a particular issue as set dressing. Thanks! 404-662-4075