Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not Gonna Make It

Well, it's Aug. 8th, and Bonneville is this weekend, and I'm finally admitting that the tank won't be ready to run.. I had my doubts for the last two months, but kept hope alive just in case all the small details came together in the end, but no such luck. Oh well. At least there's October just around the corner, and not to mention El Mirage Sept. 10th, which I would rather run at first anyway just to break her in. I will be at Bonneville this weekend regardless, so I'll probably see some of you out there.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported, and enjoy these great pics taken by Zap Teshima at El Mirage last month.

1 comment:

ek said...

Sweet photos. Do you know what kind of camera and film he used? Great project, I'm just reading backwards to the beginning.