Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old Crow goes to Bonneville again

Well.... While the Old Crow Bellytank was on Vacation in Amsterdam, I started building a new Model B 4 banger for the 2008 Speedweek at the Bonneville salt flats. This time a flathead, instead if the overhead cam conversion we ran last year. But this isn't your average banger,..... I decided to try running a reverse induction cam. So instead of the intake sharing two siamese ports, each combustion chamber has it's own port. In theory it should pack a little bit more fuel in than the stock configuration. We'll see how she runs on the salt.
The engine machine work was done by H and H Flatheads.
I went out to El Mirage last week to do a few test runs, and she was running great, until the C4 transmission ripped out all six of the ring gear bolts from the back of the crank. Not good. But Max at H and H came through and fixed the crank in 2 days. She's back in the car with a new 1940 Ford side shift trans, and were ready to go. I'll give you all an update after we get back from Bonnevile. Wish us luck.

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Wayne said...

Good Luck at Bonneville! I live in Salt Lake, see you out there!

-Wayne D.