Saturday, November 03, 2007

October was a crazy month

I'm gonna keep this kinda short and let the pictures do the talkin because there really is too much to talk about.
We took the Crow to bonneville with a new intake and carb to try and grab the open record for the fuel class. We ran a different blower with methanol.

Here's the result of 6 lbs of boost and a broken ring landing. haha. Prety ain't she?

But despite the blown piston we had a great time and as usual met some great people, even other tank people:

And even though we killed a piston, it could have been a lot worse, here is a picture of Roy Creel's motor from the same meet:

I guess he spun a bearing, broke a rod, and sawed the motor in half. Ouch. But I'm sure he was going faster than me when it happened. He always does.

here is a link to more Bonneville pictures.