Friday, July 07, 2006

Bellytanks........ A study in alternative uses

I have been working on compiling all of the pics and info on Bellytanks that I have been gathering over the past 8 years, and I realized while looking at some of the pics, how many uses, (other than land speed racing) there are out there for these surplus items. Obviously, there are hundreds, ranging from water tanks to carnival rides, and I don't want to post a million pics, but I do want to share with you guys a few of the different things I personally have done, or have in my collection. The first, is obviously my race car, which by the way is almost done, and if I make it to Bonneville in August, great !! if not, I'll be there in October. I'm not gonna kill myself. The second, is a fun project my buddy Drew and I did last year, he had one and a half small tanks that came off a carnival ride, so we made two soapbox derby cars out of them. Fun!!There is also a wagon that I bought at Turlock swapmeet last year. Cool windshield huh?

The third is really cool. Lucky Burton and myself did a bar interior recently, and I knew where a bunch of big droptanks are at a salvage yard in Sun Valley, so we took one, cut it up, powdercoated it, and made it a hood for a firepit. It turned out great.Lucky is also making a go kart out of a tank, it's the one hanging from the ceiling. Now that will be fun at El Mirage.I'm also throwing in a great pic of two tanks converted into a boat.I hope to do a Bellytank book one day, so please feel free to post pics of your own alternative use tanks.Enjoy!